Redefining the Restaurant Industry

Running a restaurant is hard work. And much of that work takes place behind the scenes to ensure that every order is filled correctly and every customer leaves satisfied.

At Chowly, we work hard to make your business thrive. We’re experts at applying technology to enhance your operations, allowing you to achieve your full potential. Like you, we don’t know the meaning of slowing down.

Take a look at how technology is revolutionizing the restaurant industry.

51 % of customers place an order online or through an app
$ 43 b worth of orders were spent online in 2017 alone
15 % of online orders report an error or quality issue

Where Chowly fits in:

Order placed

Customer places a third-party online order.

restaurant online ordering system

Data Integrated

Chowly transmits this data into your POS system.

restaurant online ordering system

Tickets printed

Orders print within 30 seconds at your restaurant.

restaurant online ordering system

We're the magic in the middle.
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How can Chowly help your business?

There are many benefits to implementing Chowly's technology platform. By partnering with us, we can help your restaurant:

restaurant online ordering system

Improve accuracy. Our technology eliminates the need for manual order entry.

restaurant online ordering system

Save money. Reduce labor costs by eliminating the time-consuming task of data entry.

restaurant online ordering system

Stay informed. Receive live, accurate reporting, separated by third-party service in your POS system.

restaurant ordering system

Increase revenue. Add new third-party ordering platforms — without adding a single tablet to your counter!

Get up and running quickly. Chowly can launch your platform in as little as 7 business days.

Generate happy customers. Accurate orders and quicker delivery times lead to more satisfied customers, which means better overall ratings for your restaurant!

How much money can you save?

Are you aware that busy restaurants typically have at least one full-time employee dedicated to transferringorders to a POS system? Consider the potential cost savings for a single employee:

$10/hour (employee wage)
x 42 hours/week
= $420 per week
annual savings per employee!

Calculate your savings.

Average Employee Hourly Wage Total Hours Per Week Number of Locations

How can Chowly help your business?