Jet's Pizza | Chowly

Jet’s Pizza Success Story

As technology started making its way into the pizza category, Jet’s Pizza realized they needed a technology partner to help streamline and integrate their third-party delivery orders into their point of sales system.

Chowly was able to deliver a solution quickly that increased their customer ratings and their bottom line.

Fewer Errors

GrubHub accuracy rating up 8%

Happier Customers

GrubHub rating up 0.7 stars

Less Staffing Costs

$1,240 monthly cost savings

Accurate Reporting

No more Excel copy and pasting

Increased Revenue

Delivery net sales up 22%-34%

Looking for results only Chowly can deliver?

Technology has empowered consumers to discover, order, and pay for food without even leaving the comfort of their couch. And in 2021, the key to success will be further creating a seamless guest experience both in-house and off-premise.