Why Chowly

We understand your business like no one else.

Chowly was created to solve a very real problem within the restaurant industry: manual order entry into Point of Sale (POS) systems was resulting in 15% of orders containing errors—not to mention, rising labor costs and a pool of dissatisfied customers.

Chowly’s approach is to streamline and digitize the ordering process, eliminating the need for manual order entry. We integrate with third-party online ordering systems both large and small and have experience with a wide range of POS systems. Our focus on accuracy, quick turnaround, and reliable customer service helps set us apart.

Everything you need in a technology partner.

Proven industry expertise. Founded in 2015, Chowly has an impressive track record of successful platform launches in more than 200 cities!

Rapid platform launch. It generally takes 5-7 business days from the time you sign on with Chowly until your integration launch date.

Continuous order confirmation with orders confirmed every 15 seconds.

Exceptional support. The same team that implements your location is the same one that answers the phone after hours. All based in Chicago, IL at no extra charge.

Menu savvy. We can accommodate sudden menu changes and don’t require you to build a separate menu in order to use our platform.

Affordable pricing. Restaurants asked and we listened! Our goal is to increase your bottom line so we’ve created affordable programs for restaurants of all sizes.

Who are Chowly's customers?

Our customers are in more than 200 cities across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. These restaurants range from large national chains to family-owned-and-operated establishments. We provide all customers with the same level of service, support, and consultation to help you improve revenue flow and put your best face forward.

How can Chowly help your business?